7 thoughts on “Tattoos mirrored with scars

  1. Which came first? Or were they simultaneous? I think it’s cute, though the star scars are so small that they’re not really defined super-a lot.

  2. If it was me doing it, I’d do the scars first because it’s a lot easier to match a tattoo to a scar than the other way around… but I don’t remember if that’s how this one was done.

  3. they look pretty old because i have a scar on the top of my foot and it took a long while before it looked like that. These are cute!

  4. the tattoos were done first, my first ever in fact. (theyre intentionally busted/uneven looking) the scars, done to match the tattoos, (by Scott Barrs) were about a year old in this picture.

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