A Dozen Tattoos About Spiderman

Click the artist credit for the original picture:


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15 thoughts on “A Dozen Tattoos About Spiderman

  1. that bottom one is amazing.
    I saw a spiderman tattoo once, it had the background of the city just like in the comics and spiderman was done perfectly… I wanted to say something so bad but I felt like a huge creep.

  2. i wonder if anyone has ever been sued for copy right infringement in regards to tattoos… anyone know? i’m just curious as to how it all pans out legally. especially when there is cartoon flash of, like, taz in shops. that’s definitely for profit or whatever.

  3. that bottom left hand corner is so much fail. J Scott Campbell is such a terrific artist and to see someone mangle his artwork up is just heartwrenching.

  4. #1 – if you’re talking about the bottom middle one, yeah, it is.

    Spider-man, Spider-man
    Does whatever a spider can
    Clings to walls, licks his balls
    But not at the same time or else he faaaaaaalls!
    - bash.org

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  6. Whooo my tat made the ModBlog!!! J. Scott Campbell is a great artist. Unfortunately, that pic really doesn’t do my tat justice.

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