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  1. Paleblue – That’s actually been quite consistent in the tattoo artists both that I’ve interviewed and just talked to as well.

  2. Really? That’s interesting. I don’t usually read the tattooist interviews so that’s probably why I didn’t pick up on it.

    The guy who tattooed my forearm recently disliked the Miami Ink-syndrome too, right enough.

    My theory is that a lot of tattoo back-story is a defensive measure; tattooing, although it is certainly more widespread, and more accepted to a certain extent, still hasn’t full shed itself of the stigma. So I think a lot of people put meaning where there really isn’t any in order to justify their decision to get tattooed.

  3. I get the impression that most tattoo artists are very happy with what the TV shows have done in terms of drumming up business, but not very happy with them on a sociocultural level and how they present tattoos.

  4. That’s understandable. Most of the TV show stuff is just embarrassing. If that’s the public face of tattoing, it’s not a good one.

    I saw some awful tattoing show recently. Some apparently famous artist who had to have his whole sleeve done in a week. What the fuck?

    Did you happen to see London Ink? I don’t know where outside of the UK it was shown.

  5. Yeah, I watched an episode. It airs here as well. I don’t think much of that guy — he sent me some pissy emails a while back demanding that I remove any tattoos of male angels on napes because he owned the trademark on the concept or some similar bullshit.

  6. Never heard of London Ink and I live there. What channel is it on in here? And what studio is it filmed in?

  7. Tattooing is historically lowbrow. Kudos to the guy who can successfully create something artistically technically sound, but for the most part an elephant shitting a dorito or hitler getting a spanking from god or a taco with a splayed out girl inside are better suited to the medium. Artfags make me want to puke bloody diarrhea.

  8. Yeah, I mentioned it partly because I remember your involvement with him – if you can call it that. I quite liked him on the show, but emailing people claiming that you own the copyright to a generic tattoo is deeply, pant-shittingly lame.

  9. “I also often try to incorporate as much non-tattoo art influence as possible too. There are so many possibilities with this medium that it just seems a waste not to.”

    Yes! Well played.

  10. I downloaded one episode of London Ink, nearly fell asleep. Pile of rubbish.

    London Ink = Miami Ink with bad teeth and shit weather.

  11. #7…What??? copyrighting tattoo ideas…i really hope you thanked him for the laugh that letter must of ignited…

    i adore DJ Minor’s work! I’ve been following his work alot lately, he’s so talented! nice to see him featured

  12. I would rather let Henry Rollins tattoo me in the back of a jeep than let Dan Gold anywhere near me with a tattoo machine.

    I’m assuming that’s who you were referring to when you mentioned bad teeth.

    In its defence, it was mercifully short on the “My cousin’s sister’s dog died last summer and so I’m getting this tattoo in his memory; the dice represent the like, random nature of existance and shit, and the flames are like my struggle against the world, and pets dying and shit, lol”.

  13. Ha ha, I want Henry Rollins to tattoo me in the back of a Jeep anyways…
    DJ Minor’s style isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s very colorful and he’s obviously talented. I like his stance on the whole ‘meaningful tattoo’ issue as well. People that I run into in my day-to-day life seem literally unable to comprehend that my tattoos do NOT have some sort of deep, symbolic meaning. It’s like, they can’t just be flowers…they have to also represent a facet of my personality, or be a tribute to my mother/dead family memeber/pet/life event/whatever. Seriously, when I tell people they don’t have a meaning, the reaction is comical stunned disbelief!

  14. At the footer of the article:

    “Please consider buying a BME membership
    so we can continue bringing you interviews like this for free.”

    Uh, what? How is it free if you pay for it? You may want to rephrase that.

  15. Dennis – It’s like public TV. The interviews go up for free, but people should help out financially when they can in order to keep them free. I assume it’s not too confusing.

  16. Hah, that guy is a trip. I love his sense of humor and what he had to say about understanding responsibility of one’s mods and such. Nice interview, Shannon.

    Oh, and I know I’m not really participating in it, but how refreshing to see an actual discussion on an article instead of opinion shoving.

  17. +1 On the “no meaning” thing. I’m so sick of that BS! Just admit you got a tattoo because it looks good, not because of your dead dog or whatever. Or your heroic mother. Arrgh.

  18. DJ reminds me very much of some of the opinions Ed Hardy once voiced. It’s good to see art in tattooing.

  19. “Maybe a porn star… who doesn’t wanna watch a chubby guy wiggle on an ugly chick for fifteen seconds?”

    awwww how cuuuuute!!! i think i love him…hahaha

  20. Good job on the interview! I applaud either Shannon’s or DJ Minor’s insert of the apostrophe-like ‘okina in “Hawai’i”. Terrific article.

  21. great interview… the work is amazing.. and i have to say, shannon, those little skull thumbnails are mighty cute.

  22. I really liked that interview. not really my style but i really liked the way hew draws blood. very nice. and thumbs up on “meaningful tattoo” opinion. sure some people have smth behinf their tattoss but mostly it’s just because we liek the way it looks!

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