Animal Tattoos

Since I’ve had all these animal entries lately, I figure I ought to go with tattoos about animals instead of tattoos on animals to diffuse the pissy mood. I really liked this tribute tattoo for the wearer’s dogs — “mis perros” — done by Jonathan Cardenas at Tron Tattoo out of Santiago, Chile.


Of course, if your pet is Gromphadorhina Portentosa — madagascar hissing cockroaches — you get a tattoo just perfect for an ogre like DistortedSmiles, tattooed by Luis Angel.


I don’t have anything clever to write about this falling kitty done by Guy Creighton of Dam Cool Tattoos in Barnstaple, Devon, UK, but it is Caturday after all…


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26 thoughts on “Animal Tattoos

  1. i would love to know the why behind the kitty tattoo…its so random to me.I do not in any way mean to insult your tattoo I am just to stupid to figure it out

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  3. LOL “The Ogre” is Luis Angel, which is Me by the way should I have put Self done?

    It’s one of my favorite Tattoos I have and did.

    Shannon you know I don’t wear those everyday right?.. lol

  4. wow, barnstaple!!!! i was born there… teenie world.

    i do like the cockroach, but im sure it would freak me out if i woke up half way through the night and looked down at my leg. Im too jumpy as it is!

  5. hehehe I love the kitty tattoo. I want tattoos of my furbabies but I’ve not found a style that suits yet. Maybe I should get something like this.. they like to shred bits of me when they’re getting snuggles.

  6. It took me a while to figure out that the kitty didn’t have a branded glans tattooed onto its belly.

  7. Kitten is supposed to be wonky–he’s falling!! I like the colors used for him. The roach tattoo is nice & lifelike; too creepy for me though. How about some nice snake tattoos?

  8. Oh my god, it’s Peppermint. I have that book. When he was falling into the bluing, right?

  9. The Kitty tattoo is one of my creations from many years ago whilst working from another studio…. Many thanks for all the possitive feedback for what is a quercky yet simple design. The cat tattoo is only about 4 inches high and is on a young womans backside (arse/bum) and why she wanted it sliding down her bum now escapes me but i don’t think she ever intended it to have much “meaning” as such. With knickers on, i think all that can be seen of the tattoo is the top paw and scratch marks…

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