This rentboy takes credit cards!

Alouicious, who did this tattoo at Shaman’s Den in Binghamton, NY, says, “I can’t believe how many girls swiped their cards in the slot… and gave Kevin their phone numbers!”

If the number is anything higher than “zero”, I can’t believe it either!


20 thoughts on “This rentboy takes credit cards!

  1. yessssssssss! and we giggled throughout the entire thing… by the way, he got at least 5 numbers that night – and the girls were cuties! go figure….

  2. hullwork – There are a few of those jokes.

    A woman is thrown a bachelorette party by 4 friends. They decide to go to a strip club. A dancer comes over to the table in his g-string and ‘entertains’ the first lady, who takes a $10 bill and licks it then sticks it to the dancer’s buttcheek.

    He then goes to the second friend and gives her a good show. She takes out a $20 bill, licks it, and sticks it to his other cheek.

    The same is repeated with the third and fourth friend, but with a $50 and $100 bill, respectively.

    The dancer then goes up to the bachelorette, wondering how she’s going to respond to her friends. What he doesn’t know is that the bachelorette is wondering the same thing. At the end of the dance, she reaches into her purse and grabs her ATM card. She quickly pulls it out, swiping it down his buttcrack then grabs all the bills and says loudly “I’ll make a withdrawal” then runs out of the building laughing.

  3. # 12 Home Alone 2. One of my personal favorites, even better than the first one!

  4. im sure that it is normal for hair to grow on my ass. but i thank you for letting me know that something has grown where the the sun dont shine. i will have to let my pint sized gardener know that a few rag weeds have grown in the garden of trust. but kelly…… i really do think its great that ass hair is something that is obviously a mystery to you. it shows you have a thirst for asshair knowledge and you should help lead the brigade in the fight against sick ass crack hair.

    are you into chicks by any chance? i mean i only ask because most girls who have a bf or a bff or a bff/fsmn (boyfriend forever/ for shizzle my nizzle) have seen a mans ass and know that a mans ass gets hairy…. unless he waxes. then there is an issue.

    but i do appreciate your commenting on my ass hair and tattoo. it really means alot to me when random people i have never met think my asshair is gross or confusing. you have a sunshine day with gumdrop daydreams and sugar pop fantasies. god bless.

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