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As I promised, I was doing a series of amputation-related articles. This is the third in that series, and probably the last that I’ll post in a while on that vein. This one is a chat with two people who each decided to self-amputate a finger, disguised as an “accident”. Click through to read the article, and come back here to comment.

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66 thoughts on “De-Fingered Interview Posted

  1. Interesting article. I fantisized about this a lot too. I don’t think i’ll ever act upon these fantisies though. I always wondered if i was able to do such a thing. Having split my own tongue that question is now answered enough for me, not to need to try.

  2. I’ve never seen an “artificial finger” before. That’s neat.

    I liked her POV as well.

    I’m glad they’re both happier now :)

  3. “In my mind it was gone long before the actual act of removing it.”That’s exactly how I feel about my mods (not that I have anything very extreme yet)… before they happen, it’s as if they’re already there and once they’re completed it’s as though I was born with them. Awesome interview.

  4. DistortedSmiles,
    This “fad” as you put it has been around for a very long time and I think that it’s great that BMe is around for people who feel this desire to amputate a limb can come together, learn and most importantly realise that they are not alone.

    Great interview, this whole series of interviews has been so insightful.

  5. Oooh, that preserved finger was a bit much for me.
    Oh well, whatever floats their boat I supposed. It was an interesting read but not something I think I’d ever want to do to myself.

  6. There’s also a place online for girls with Anorexia to come together and discuss technique..

    Before that people may have did it.. Now.. They do it to copy.. Still a fad.

    There’s Men who want to have Sex with little boys, this makes them Happy.. I’m sure there’s many places for them to come together as well.

    Just because you “want” to do something doesn’t mean you should, They may feel happy but that may be the very problem.

  7. I remember watching shows and movies when I was a child about the mafia and the yakuza, and hearing about little fingers getting cut off. I used to sit and wonder if I would ever have the courage to endure something like that. I have no desire to actually amputate anything, but there is still the fantasy in my mind, wondering if I would have the guts to ker-chop my finger off.

  8. so distorted smiles would it be a fad much like wanting teeth that make you look like a vampire, right?

  9. DistortedSmiles: I would hardly compare anorexia to voluntary amputation.

    But anyway, that video makes me really, really, really, really, really love my limbs.

    But if they want it gone, it’s their body.

  10. DistortedSmiles – Why are you so bothered by people doing relatively inconsequential body modifications that make them happy? Being realistic, a finger amputation of this type is going to have a dramatically less negative effect on someone’s life than stretched earlobes or a neck tattoo or any number of other things that are accepted.

    Is it just a guttural, instinctual response that you have to amputation, or do you have an actual thought-out reason?

  11. I have no problem with someone doing any voluntary modification to the their own body, but I always wonder if there is some deeper reason for their amputation. I’ve the last few amputation articles and the common trend is that they “felt complete” after it was removed. Is it possible that the amputation is simply a response (or a way of dealing with) a different psychological problem?

    Of course all forms of body modification result in a person changing their body image for one reason another, but most body mods don’t result in the mod-ee permanently nullifying a functional part of their body…

    For the record I’ll state once again that I have absolutely no problem with their choice in mods. I’m just curious as to what would drive a person to such a modification.

  12. distorted smiles. its not fair to compare amputation to sexing up little boys as well, theres a clear moral line between what people do to make themselves happy, why not compare eating chocolate to suicide bombings? you cant because its unrealistic, there doing it to themselves becuase it makes them happy, the reprecusions are minor and the grief of there loved ones about there “accidents” wll surely pass quiet rapidly by seeing how much happier they are now therefor it really isnt paining anyone as anorexia and pedophiles hurt others constantly by there actions untill they get the help they need

  13. Interesting article. I agree that anorexia or molestation are not wise comparisons for this, I would compare it to getting a nose job or breast enhancements: Someone feels uncomfortable with a certain part of their body, they then get it “fixed” and either are happy with it or they still feel that they need more fixing up.

  14. I wouldn’t compare this sort of amputations with a nose job or breast implants, mostly because of the secrecy that seems to surround their decisions and the apparent compulsion. To me, this seems very closely associated with self harm and cutting. Not in the actual sense that these two individuals caused themselves pain, but in the sense that they felt they HAD to do this, then felt sort of relieved afterward. some plastic surgeries are probably comparable, but i’d say the vast majority aren’t seen as a necessity. i would be far more willing to accept this as simple body modification if it weren’t for all the lying and deception – that seems to really bother me.

    Also, I wonder if anyone with this sort of compulsion could be satisfied by organ donation which would be done in a safe, medical environment by professionals for a constructive cause. I’d rather see someone donate an eye or part of a kidney or skin or even a finger than some self-educated person in their kitchen. they’re both so lucky nothing went wrong.

  15. I think that if they wanted to do this, then why shouldn’t they? Its not gonna severely effect them, or anyone else for that matter, and I see nothing wrong with it. Its not something I personally would do, but we are all different, something more apparent here than anywhere.

    The only thing I worry about is that there was no psychoanalysis before hand, and with things like this being of sound mind is an important factor. (course, most psychologists could find something wrong with anyone, so the actual usefulness of that is doubtful…)

    And I wouldn’t compare it to anorexia, pedophilia, plastic surgery or self harm, because it isn’t any of these. Its voluntary amputation – does it really need to be boxed and compared?

    Good interview, thanks Shannon!

  16. Nope – The secrecy is only because of the societal stigma. I don’t believe it has a deeper meaning than that.

    Certainly we’ve seen that even an “open minded” community like ModBlog readers have serious issues with amputation in general. It’s one of the few areas in body modification where people are extremely judgmental and outright hostile.

  17. I think it’s just because it’s something the vast majority of us can’t comprehend whatsoever. I have no problems with people wishing to do that to themselves but a lot of it does disgust me to a certain extent.

  18. I can not really grasp how something done to one’s *self* by choice could be compared to a disease or molestation?- neither of which are experiences wiht the human body that one makes a choice to evoke in their lives.

    I had my left index finger amputated accidentally, severed thru bone all but one tendon and a tiny flap of flesh. The healing was horrid- but on some level I appreciate that it happened. Even with nerve damage I like the way my body reacted and how the mind body connection balanced in a way that my function was not affected, my body just knew how to compensate~ it is a nice reminder that my body works the way it is supposed to..and that even when seemingly ‘damaged’- I am not “flawed”.

  19. Distortedsmiles: Nice to know the only reason you got your tongue split was “to copy”, because according to you, that’s the only reason you would alter your image, right?

    Just because split tongues are more mainstream than voluntary amputations does not make the motivation any different; and comparing any mod to a disorder (anorexia) or pedophilia is just asinine. I really, really hope you’re just trying to troll, because your apparent lack of sense is disappointing.

  20. shannon- i suppose i’ve just had a little too much personal experience with things that are kept secret- they tend not to be so good for mental or physical health and i suppose i look at lying and secrecy as warning signs. if you really think it’s just social stigma, then that does lessen my unease :)

    on a completely different note, if you’re having trouble understanding how someone could feel wrong or incomplete, there is a fantastic (although weird) french film called “La Vie en Rose,” i can’t remember the american release title, but it isn’t the movie that just won oscars, it’s a different one. anyway, it’s about a little boy who thinks God made a mistake and he’s supposed to be a girl. it does an AMAZING job of showing how you could think you are wrong as you naturally are, and also how difficult it is to feel wrong- when no one understands. i gender issues are probably very different from the desire to self amputate and i’m not saying they are the same, but they do both seem to deal with feeling incomplete in some way… or maybe just being happier once you are allowed to be who you want. either way, watch it :)

  21. I love interviews like this. Very interesting. Especially to hear the views of a woman doing this type of modification.

  22. I read these articles all the time trying to understand and i do, i am just someone who lives with a full hand that was involved in a “degloving” accident when i was 18 and this was in no way volentary, my fingers only function partcially, after loosing all the skin, extensior tendons half my middle joint and ligiments, 27 fractures and dislocations, and 23 metal pins later, i have what looks like a “birth defect” or a sever burn.
    i am now a free-hand piercer and have learned to work around it but i wish i could have the fingers thet are getting cut off sometimes. But i am glad this makes their lives happier you can’t always have what you wish for. I do feel like a big part of me is missing and the state says only 3% of me really is.

  23. To those who asked,
    Well they seem to have a “problem” they want to fix, they see a problem within themselves that is mental and they want to make physical changes and the urge they get to do it. It’s clearly not about Modding ones self but very much like seeing a problem that isn’t there, making it one and working on it.

    How is this a Mod.. one minute it’s a Disorder now it’s a Mod. Do it for no reason what so ever or for your own meaning, then it’s a Mod.. Like the couple who have Amputated fingers, that kind of Cute, I don’t have the balls but that’s sickly sweet. If you say you have an identity disorder then my problem is try to work on it in a healthy way before taking suck drastic measures, they could really die doing this stuff, doesn’t that enter your mind?

    Now if you want it, like you see gauges and want them, then by all means chop away, be creative like the Penis stump! Do it Safely some how as well, like that older gentleman on BMEVideo who chopped his finger off, he seemed to take care of the blood and put it on Ice, I don’t know if that helps but you get it, be safe. But if you are stages accidents and claiming a disorder then it’s not a mod but an urge just like Anorexia and it’s dangerous to get your way..

    Well my point on Copying I thought would be clear but I’ll explain, the tongue split have been around for longer then even BME was around but people do it now, I mean, how is it not in some way Copying? Everything we do is not Copying another’s Culture or Practices? I thought that was a Given… Not in a bad way but replicating.

    Fad meaning, you know a few may be Genuine but the same way youngsters pierce friends with Safety pins instead of Brian Decker. You know some people will do it… well wrong and well you get it.. Not everyone goes to Emilio Gonzalez to get a Finger ever so neatly cut off.

  24. DistortedSmiles, I know I probvably shouldn’t encourage you, however Im going to respond to the non-sensical rubbish you’ve been posting.
    Firstly, a ‘penis stump’? I have a vagina.
    ‘The older gentleman’ who used ice did so mostly for numbing purposes, he carried out his procedure no more safely that me. You obviously just don’t know what you’re talking about. Tongue splitting has indeed been around a long time, what, and finger amputation hasn’t? There are tribes who (in particular the women) remove fingers as an expression of grief. This sort of practise has been going on for 100′s of years.Just an example.
    And the argument of when is a mod not a mod. That’s for the individual to decide.Personally I would say that what drove me wasn’t a desire to modify, but I look at the aesthetic result as being a modification because I derive a pleasure from that which is very similar to how I feel about my other ‘conventional’ modifications, but much deeper and more satisfying.

  25. DistortedSmiles – I think that lopping off a finger is serious enough that very few people will do it on a fad/whim.

    As to the mod fixing a “problem”, I’d suggest you can look at ANY mod (even semi-mods like teeth caps or haircuts) like this.

  26. beth, i’m so glad you’re on here to talk about your experience. i’m really interested in your perspective on this, and i’m going to assume that you are comfortable with sharing because you agreed to the interview. i know i can be nosy at times (i’m a nosy kid, what can i say?) so if you aren’t comfortable answering by all means don’t – i certainly won’t be any worse off and i don’t want to offend anyone.
    anyway, you mentioned that it was a specific finger you wanted gone and in a very specific manner (something to do with the joint). i know in the article you said the originating reasons are ones you don’t wish to divulge, so if this is an overlapping question then ignore me. i was just curious if it was the specific aesthetic you were after or if the process of removing your finger appealed to you aswell?
    i found it interesting and curious that both of you (both you and douglas) used pain killers. from personal experience, i quite enjoy the pain that goes along with mods – it’s a part of the experience that i’m entirely unwilling to part with. if given the option to numb the pain, i wouldn’t. i know getting a finger removed is far, far different than other mods, so perhaps pain killers are a necessity? i can imagine that overwhelming pain and fainting as a result would be very undesirable :) anyway, all that led me to think that the actual removal wasn’t what you were after. correct me if i’m wrong… or don’t :)

    does anyone know if there are people who amputate who aren’t so much interested in the result – as in they don’t necessarily desire the look or feel of a missing limb or digit- but just want to feel it? maybe they are the amputees who show up with the finger for reattachment…

  27. Hi nope :)
    The aesthetic result wasn’t so important, my specific desire was to cut through the bone, not to pop the joint apart. That was one aspect I had fixated on.
    You could quite easily remove a digit without pain relief, but afterwards I think you’d be hard pushed not to.I used painkllers after I’d been to the hospital.They prescribed me 60mg of codeine every four hours.And believe me, I needed it! I also needed sleeping pills for the first few nights because even with the codeine it was pretty intense.


    Yeah “Penis Stump”.. I thought it was cute and funny, you didn’t see it? check it out.

    There’s always a Tribe right? No name? Anyways yeah but are they staging accidents?

    That one guy who talked about how much grief friends/family went through and how much money his friends and family raised.. Over a MOD??

    No one pays for my Mods, no one Cries for my Mods… Cut your finger off and be open about it. It’s gonna happen eventually right? It wasn’t easy for that Gay son to tell his close minded dad so seriously, go public but stop staging accidents.. unless causing people pain is part of it?

    People seem to understand their kids or friends hang from hooks sometimes, stretch holes and tattoo things above the neck.. Implant Random cute shapes under their skin and have large pieces of skin removed from area’s..

    That man who wants to receive aids went public.. maybe it’s time someone with either the “Disorder” or someone who wants to modify they’re limbs comes out so people wouldn’t have to stage dangerous accidents that can end their life.

    I remember when someone sat on the Idea of a Tattoo, Piercing, Implant or whatever and tried to go to the Best person for the Job, they did it safe and clean.. I thought that was a big part of true body modification, to modify not Destroy.. Most of these self vol amp articles are like hand in a blender stories.


    It’s still a very drastic hair cut, hair grows back.. I compare this to Anorexia and I’m wrong and you compare it to a hair cut, so maybe we’ll never see eye to eye? Who’s next to amp an eye? or amp both? What do you see when you have no eyes? Sadly not what someone who has never seen, “senses” but anyways thats the beauty of Modblog is Opinions so deal correct? Still recommend safety and LOTS of thought..

    “I think that lopping off a finger is serious enough that very few people will do it on a fad/whim.”

    I think there’s people who’ve cut off their penis thinking they wanted to one moment and regret it the next… There is no going back.

  29. You really are quite spectacularly ignorant. If this is a subject you’re actually interested in might I suggest you stop trolling and do some research?

  30. Sorry, I just can’t get my head around this kind of thing, no matter how open I am. I am not judging. I just personally think there’s something amiss…aside from their fingers.

  31. Does this fuckwit really feel that people view their bodies with such little regard that something like removing a finger (or penis) would be done on a whim?
    Because all the stories I’ve seen from voluntary amputees indicate thongs like being conflicted, considering their options for a long time, you know, *putting some thought into it* and *deciding it’s something they want to do, are prepared to do and deal with*.
    Or is he so stupid that he could easily imagine himself drunkenly lopping off a digit on the spur of the moment, and he’s projecting those feelings?
    As for the incoherent rambling, I’m going to be generous and assume English isn’t a first language.

    Argh. DS just does my head in. At times like this I find it useful to remember, then go and eat pizza or have sex or something.

  32. Okay so apparently intelligent conversation is over, unless Shannon posts.

    I think the people that matter will understand exactly what my point is, the rest don’t matter.

  33. I have an amputated finger and what I think you’re missing distorted smiles is that the whole secrecy and lies surrounding their amputations have to do with the fact that people won’t understand it. No doctor will remove a limb without a medical necessity being behind it. So they stage accidents. And while you may argue that people can understand their kids and friends hanging from hooks and getting visible tattoos, a lot of people can’t understand it. Half of the people on this site can’t understand why someone would do something like this to themselves and are the same people who turn around and act like a martyr when someone doesn’t understand their decision to get whatever pierced or tattooed.

  34. As long as _I_ am happy with what _I_ have done, no one should judge _me_ or what _I_ am doing.

  35. distortedsmile- I am hoping you might take some time to educate yourself more on disordered eating.
    actual disordered eating- not the ‘ana’ girls on myspace but the ones who can’t sit down or retain bowel control.

    I am not sure what your personal definition of *urge* is but I can say that urges can be controlled and remain (at least in my opinion) somewhat a choice. Mental illnesses are just that- illnesses- and I am not arguing the mental competency of those featured in the interview.. I don’t know either of them but trust their personal choices, I am saying that acting on an urge or impulse still to me falls into the area of consensual choice- whereas anorexia is as much an ‘urge’ as someone wiht a bipolar disorder waking up and deciding to have a manic day.

  36. Your point is nonsense.
    Cutting off a finger doesn’t make your stomach eat itself, cause heart problems or make your hair fall out. Anorexia kills, finger loss (on its own) doesn’t. And seeing as Beth adn Douglas took all the right precautions (aside from getting a little drunk) it’s not as if they were going about their finger amputations haphazardly.

    I’m for any kind of modification, as long as it’s done safely and with a sound mind. Beth and Douglas, I’m glad you’re happy with your modified hands :)

  37. I can vouch for myself as being mentally competent. Just to reiterate, I didn’t get drunk. Douglas did. Lightweight :) hehee
    Thanks Anatomie :)

  38. does anyone know what font is used at the bottom of this amazing picture? i cannot find it anywhere i cant remember the name of it. and i love the smiley face on the end of the amputated finger! keep up the great work shannon!

  39. “Douglas: A few reasons — one of the reasons is actually your fault Shannon! If it wasn’t for BMEzine and the ModCon book, I probably wouldn’t have been thinking about it the years before I did it. BMEzine has opened my eyes to various body modifications, and I have always been fascinated by people doing extreme things to their bodies. Amputation is as far as you can go if you ask me, and I wanted to see if I was able to do it myself.”

    it was funny to see that-given all the heated debates about modbog inspiring the population into untold modification horrors…

    honestly, these interviews are really fascinating-whether they’re ethical or not. i don’t believe its anyone’s place to judge whether what these people are doing to themselves is right or wrong. they’re doing it to THEMSELVES…its not professionals lopping off digits, so i don’t have an opinion one way or another…but what i will say is it makes for damn interesting reads!

    for a minute, when i was 19, i once debated letting med school students chop off and re-sew my pinky toe back on for 9 g’s …but then i found out you had to be a male-so this little piggy avoided the chopping block…the motivations these guys had for amputation were much more pure than mine…so who am i to judge?

  40. Thanks so much, Beth. I was trying to wrap my head around the amount of pain that would go with cutting off a finger, and i was falling pretty short. Yeah, i can definitely imagine adrenalin and whatnot kicking in, but i don’t imagine it would ease the pain enough/long enough to allow me to get my butt to a hospital. i don’t think i would need to act like a hysterical girl when i got there, i would pretty much flip my sh-t all on my own :)
    do you mind if i bother you with another question? since the look of a missing finger wasn’t what your were initially after, do you like the look now? i know you mentioned that you really loved the feel of it not being there, but does the actual look of the remnants of what used to be please you?

  41. nope, as commented in #33, I love how it looks now. I derive a great deal of pleasure from its appearance.

  42. I really don’t see a fundamental difference in the removal of a finger to the dermal punching of a conch, lobe, septum or wherever else people are getting punched! They both remove flesh to a larger or lesser degree because of a pervasive drive that the individual feels day in day out, in my experience outside influences have no effect on this drive and if the end result makes the person happier in themselves then that can only be a good thing.

  43. “As long as _I_ am happy with what _I_ have done, no one should judge _me_ or what _I_ am doing.”

    One sentence is missing “as long as I am happy and don’t cause pain to others”. I do like hands with amputated fingers (not for my hand but I see the modification to be very similar to a piercing or a stretched lobe) but I am sure that I would indeed suffer if I was led to believe that someone closed to me had a serious accident in which he lost a finger, and if the accident was particularly strange I would be also worried for the sanity of that person and the possible dangers that person might face
    in the rest of their life. I understand hiding from strangers and casual friend but I understand much less (or not at all) hiding from closed friends and parents and I would be very upset if I discovered that I waisted my tears, my time, my money crying for something a friend did for his own pleasure but advertised as an accident.


  44. It’s prolly someting like that Alien Hand Syndrome thingy. Either it’s a brain thing, something physically not right.. or something chemically not right. OR, ifyou believe in it, it’s a past life thing. Maybe the body you had before was minus an appendage. Makes sense to me. But to just cut off a finger on a whim, that’s just weird.

  45. I like the article and as far as I’m concerned I don’t care if people amputate or not. Maybe they have the right motivations, maybe they don’t, I am in no position to judge so I don’t.

    One thing I am wondering about is this anorexia thing. It may be a false analogy to compare it to amputation, but body modification? We consider bodybuilders to be modifying, some of them even dangerously so? Why not anorexia? I know that sometimes its not a choice like the bipolar thing, but sometimes it is.

    Really doesn’t all body modification have that dark side to it? It can be totally healthy or totally unhealthy. Even the tame stuff.

  46. >>>Okay so apparently intelligent conversation is over,

    Welcome to ModBlog !!!!!

    There are too many stupid people within the modification community . Intelligent comment died here many moons ago.

  47. tapsa:
    i know your point, but on the other hand (har har), there are TONS of actions we take in normal day life that are harming other people.
    can you honestly say that no one close to you haven’t felt bad over modifications you have done?

  48. “can you honestly say that no one close to you haven’t felt bad over modifications you have done?”

    First of all, I hope you understood that mine was a comment based on my personal opinion, not a judgement.

    Then, to answer your question, of course I am not sure but I do try not to do something if I think it might cause pain to others and if I do something in good faith and later I realise I caused pain, then if possible and within what is reasonable I try to correct my actions. Of course, we are here in a grey area like deciding when a lie can be considered a white lie done for the good of someone and when not.

    No absolute answer here, just my feelings.


  49. my 10 cents:
    the whole anorexia-discussion.
    isn’t anorexia a sickness?
    in same way that some other mods is formed. body building is modification, but if the person body builds ‘cos they see a false image of themself, it is a sickness, just as anorexia. some forms of amputees are mods, other are a sickness.

    nevertheless, even if it is a sickness, it is still a form of body modification.

  50. #29– don’t know if someone’s already answered this but the film is actually called, “ma vie en rose” (the english title being ‘my life in pink’) and yes, it’s an amazing film!

  51. Wow, what agood debate, its always interesting to look into the mindsets of individuals.
    Firstly, I don’t agree with a voluntary amputation, unless you can physically take care of the after effects yourself. I.e. sowing yourself up. In the UK the health service is free, why should the taxpayer pay for a service in which someone has choosen to remove their own limbs for their own gratification.
    Secondly, Lies! I understand the issue that this kind of body distortion (as opposed to mod) would have negative impact, (much like body mods can) but why lie, lieing is an unhealthy trait. I would say in general that if you have had to come up with an elaberate lie, ie, what happened, how it happened etc etc etc, then there are certain personality flaws that are amiss (this is not just a white lie). It occurs to me that people who would do such a thing are in some way embarressed or are not wishing to receive negative comments regarding what they have done to themselves. Also what springs to mind is that these people are looking for permanent sympathy. I really hope to god that these people did not seek any kind of medical compensation of any sort.
    I do not see this as a body modification in the real sense of the word, people have piercings, yes they maybe removing a tiny amount of skin, but they are then filling the void with lovely jewellery. In general i would see body mods as a way of enhancing the body and if people think that removing a digit is enhancing themselves then i think their mindset is very much different to the averge population.
    I have to say this is a very interesting article, i would suggest that if people want to do this type of thing in the future, learn how to fix yourself and don’t lie about it. The weird thing is that for years i actually wondered what it would be like to have a missing finger as a relative lost a finger in an accident, but the repercussion stopped me from getting as far as thinking about actually doing it.
    To Beth and Douglas, thankyou for doing the interview here, you are probably both very sane people, just with an extreme mindset as opposed to others. It’s kinda interesting that you both feel happy with what you have done, i would imagine not many folks would be happy with accidentally losing a limb. I would love to know your views in 20-30 years time, now that would be interesting.

  52. I miss a finger digit..never wanted to self amputate but i love my finger stump. I can perfectly understand how they feel. I love the incomplete finger more than any of the others.

  53. I had an accident when small. My left ringer is off midway and pinky just at the nail leaving an awful stub growth which I have to keep trimming. I clenched my hand thru most of school and early life, was so shy, but now I love my stumps and wish I can even make the pinky shorter without the diostroted nail at all. I love to look at my hand and never get tired of it and I love to see other short fingers. I suppose its a feeling we have and no one asked for it. As someone said maybe we lost those digits in our previous life and thats why we feel. My p[arter loved my fingers though he has all his perfectly and I am so happy for it. Whats wrong?

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