Amazing HR Giger Sleeve

The opposite of the previous entry I think… Ivers’ great HR Giger inspired sleeve was done by Jannicke Wiese-Hansen at Let’s Buzz! Tattoo & Piercing in Bergen, Norway. Continue reading for more photos.



52 thoughts on “Amazing HR Giger Sleeve

  1. Didn’t find any close up, but hardcore (techno) artist Manu le Malin, and Rick Healy ( 25 ta life ) have beautiful Giger tattoos too ! Google ‘em, maybe you’ll find some pics!

  2. Is this a direct interpretation of a Giger work? If so, which one? Looks great; I’d like to see it in more natural light to see just how the shading looks.

  3. Pretty damn hot. Makes me think that Metroid (say SNES era) was very Giger-like. I wonder if the same look could be achieved but with a Metroid theme… I’d get that, got a few free members 😉



  5. Looks amazing! The only thing that keeps me from getting something intricate ala Gigeresque tattoos is that I fear they will age poorly. I could be wrong though, I’d love to hear from people with this style of tattoo who have had it for 10 years or so. I love Japanese and Blackwork too, so that is probably the direction I’m heading with my own tattoos.

    Anyways, awesome tattoo!

  6. I have always wanted to get a tattoo based on Giger’s art.
    But I’ve never felt any I had seen based on his work did the art any justice, until now.

  7. Holy Fucking Shit!
    And on his shoulder the lovely face of “Li”…

    If this tattoo doesn’t make any Giger fan come in their pants then nothing will!

  8. This is absolutely stunning. It all flows so well it almost feels like it was done in one sitting (well, it could have been, I don’t know :P). The shading is amazing, too.

  9. I wondered if someone will ever notice Gigers work like tatooing it on itself. And it did happen. I’m also a big fan of Giger’s sculptures and art works 🙂
    Love this tatoo 🙂

  10. nice work. i have Lilth also but the intire painting on my arm. if i ever get out that way i’d like to see the tattooist. great ink man!! 🙂

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