37 thoughts on “I’m busy!

  1. I wonder how long that white shade to the paper will last. it looks awesome

  2. They Live for the motherfucking win. Seriously.

    “Rowdy” Roddy Piper can out-act ANYONE.

    In fact. I’m going to watch it later.


  3. Where are my billboard reading sunglasses when I need them and it also reminds me of The Bride’s list in “Kill Bill.” So much fun.

  4. i came here to make a ‘they live’ comment and i am not shocked that there’s already one.

  5. Hello there everyone,
    I just wanted to bring this to your attention:

    It’s a very interesting 1947 three-page article in the magazine “Popular Mechanix” about tattooing. Here’s an excerpt:

    Charlie injects his art right into the skin itself, with an electric needle of his own design, and nothing short of an actual transplant can ever successfully remove it afterward. He carries a permanent? skinful of art himself—neck to foot. He started tattooing people around the time of the Spanish-American War and has been carrying on in the same spot, at the foot of the Bowery, in New York, ever since.

    “In those days,” remembers Charlie, “tattooed people were a novelty and I used to make money by exhibiting myself at all the museums. There were only five tattoo artists in the world, then. Now there’s thousands.”

    Have fun reading 🙂

  6. “I can here to kick ass and play card games.. and I’m all out of ass.”

    XD Sorry for the Yugioh Abridged reference but it was what I thought of when I saw this. Awesome tattoo though.

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