No Room For Hate

I’m currently converting some of my old blogs from before ModBlog started to a new CMS, and I’m finding so much great old stuff on them (since I posted modblog-type stuff there before starting this site)… Here’s a tattoo that got posted in early 2005…

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54 thoughts on “No Room For Hate

  1. I like how that can be taken as “no room for hate” like its bad and you shouldnt hate, or simply he doesnt have the knuckles for the matching hate tattoo

  2. That’s one of the more hard-hitting tattoes I’ve seen, really nice, really fucking nice.
    I love the concept, ‘s quite beautiful.

  3. oh my, i didn’t even notice the missing knuckles until i read a comment about it.

    shows you how much my eyes go to the tattoo!

  4. didn’t notice the missing fingers until i read these comments

    nice concept for a tattooo

  5. By Alison Manners, now in Brisbane, Australia. The guy’s a drummer from Leeds who has congenital birth defect, if I remember correctly.

  6. That tattoo is amazing, seriously. I agree with 7 completely. It is an amazingly hard-hitting tattoo. I love it.

  7. It’s not the most beautiful, or most detailed, but man for sheer awesomeness this wins everything.

  8. I didn’t even notice his hand having some differences, i was just looking at the tattoo. Love it.

  9. I quite like that. It’s funny, clever and poignant. Also, Mateusz, he was probably born like that. I have a friend with a hand like that and it’s just a birth defect. (I don’t really like saying birth DEFECT, but I can’t think of another word for it)

  10. This is great! I mean.. having no fingers isn’t, but I love the idea! Awesome!

  11. Ehm? 2005? wasn’t this posted on a few months ago? i might be drunk and stupid but 2005 sounds so fucking off :) seriously

  12. Modblog has skewed my vision (in a good way). I didn’t even notice the hand until I read the comments and went back for a second look.

  13. haha! this is great…
    and it doesnt really look like he lost them,more of a growth defect!
    saw u in Bizzare,Shannon you cheeky dog you!

  14. From the looks of his hand it looks like he was born that way. I seriously doubt that hes an amputee. Great tattoo also! I didnt notice the hands were different either until someone pointed it out. I just noticed the tattoo.

  15. Universe alignment moment #8735847:

    I was talking about this photo with a friend earlier today (we were talking about amusing knuckle tattoos and I mentioned this one…) amd was just about to search for it… :/


  16. haha holy shit, at first I didn’t even notice that his hand was deformed, I just thought his fingers were tucked under. But that’s an awesome tattoo!

  17. i read the tattoo, thought “grammatically, not enough room for hate. but there IS enough room for hate on your fingers. huh?” *checks fingers* OH! LOL awesome.

  18. That has to be one of my favorite tattoos i have seen in a looong time. Just Awesome.

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