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Sorry I’ve been slacking on getting interviews posted — I’ve actually got probably a dozen that are 92% ready, so Roo‘s going to be helping me get them polished off and posted, starting with fellow Brit Diddy, a piercer and body modification artist from Bournemouth. As always, click through for the interview, come back to comment!

27 thoughts on “Diddy Interview Posted

  1. I haven’t been a fan of Roo’s tricks so far but it might change after this interview – it really was both lightly and interestingly done and informative, so congrats to Roo and thanks to Diddy for sharing.

  2. I love the face of the guy to the left of him…i have known many a stoner to have such an expression 😛

  3. That was a really good interview. Very informative and inspires me to become a piercer. Thank you. 🙂

  4. omg that guy gave my mum her first tattoo a couple of years ago
    its when he had his cheek piercings in and short brown hair and he was sooo nice

  5. Moe – Actually Shannon and Diddy wrote 99% of this interview (sorry for disappointing you Ania, hehe), I just cleaned it up, formatted it, added the photos and a few other bits and bobs.

    It may well be him with the crush!

  6. I am very proud of my Son Diddy, and think he is a careing and proffesional guy, the interview is well done and when you meet him you wil see for yourself how special he is, I have always been told how polite and nice he is, not just from friends of mine but from people he has met along the way.

    Keep it up

    love you

    Mum XX

  7. pauly… i love me some pauly too <6663]

    tiff and neek…. IT WAS THE 90′S lmao

    indebted…. no i couldnt really its still far from perfect

    skittle…. sweetie i dont tattoo lol i may have helped out 😛

    moe… i bet he does have a crush on me 😛

    and everyone would luvva bit of woowah

    starla…thanks honey your a cherub too


  8. awww dan dan im so proud of you!! you are such a sweetie better than oliver twist by miles :p. you deserve all the praise because your a great piercer and can only get better.

    Also I like the fact that nearly everybody from bournemouth pops up in the interview :). see you soon squishy! xxx

  9. I LOVE DIDDY… he my friend and my piercer, friend first!! even if he wasn’t a friend I would so just let him pierce me…. good calming and HOTTIE too lol x x x x

  10. I was so happy when diddy told me he had been interviewed for BME. I read the interview briefly this morning before work and I have now re-read it.


    Diddy is such a sweetie and i love him to bits (in a platonic way lol), i haven’t known him for long but i hope to know him for a long time to come.

    Everyone go and see Diddy for a piercing!!!

  11. its about time there was more recognition for diddys work; he’s come a long way since the desk at metal fatigue!! good on ya mate.

  12. if that was the 90′s I really have to get me a new shirt

    🙂 awesome one man, well deserved

    x x x x

  13. This was such a great article…I agree with whoever said they think it’s time to start charging for the scarification work…I really want to get something done by him one day, if I’m ever in the area. He seems like such a fun guy too. 🙂

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