7th Annual Oslo Suspension Convention

For the seventh year in a row, Wings Of Desire brings us their Oslo SusCon. Håvve Fjell and Christiane Löfblad facilitate suspensions for a growing number of individuals each year, and are setting new records each year for their event — both in the sheer number of participants and suspensions, as well as the nations represented at their convention. The 80-plus attendees hail from 14 different countries around the globe, with an astonishing 67 suspensions predicted.

Photo Courtesy Helene FjellPhoto courtesy Helene Fjell

Photo courtesy Helene FjellPhoto courtesy Helene Fjell

Photos courtesy Helene Fjell

In addition to providing access to suspensions themselves, WoD conducts workshops to encourage the development of safe suspension practices in a friendly environment. WoD has given their workshops in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Brazil and Italy, and works closely with the annual Italian SusCon.

The SusCon runs from July 18-20, with a BBQ/afterparty on July 21. It’s an honor to be invited to participate at the upcoming convention and I look forward to seeing you there!

One thought on “7th Annual Oslo Suspension Convention

  1. Some more years, and it’s my turn to be hanging there. Already locking forwad to it. =)

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