Daily dose of skin removal.

caleigh green had her cutting done by Efix while he was doing a guest spot at Tatouage Royal in Montreal. If you want to find him on a regular day, check out D-Markation in Quebec City.  There is something a little surreal about this photo. The texture in the skin removal section comes through. I feel like I can touch it.


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23 thoughts on “Daily dose of skin removal.

  1. Aw, all of Caleigh’s mods are so amazing. Just another amazing piece to add to her collection.

  2. awesome. i love it. SIDE NOTE: Caleigh = female. Caleigh + ‘his’ dont go together. she had ‘this’ or ‘her’ cutting done by Efix. yep.

  3. Hmmm…Efix doesn’t work for Tatouage Royal in Montreal, he works for D-Markation in Quebec City….hahaha

  4. My first question upon seeing amazing cuttings like this – and wow, is this ever AMAZING – is, ‘how hard was that to heal??’ 🙂

  5. overall nice, i must assume that the really thick lines inside the cutting are supposed to be wavy? if so, nice. if not, oh shit

  6. cutitup: thanks for catching that, the photo was submitted by the client not by Efix. I am assuming the cutting was done while he was doing a guest spot at Tatouage Royal in Montreal and that was the information supplied by the client who supplied the photo to us.

  7. Thanx all for the good words.

    I wrote myself that this piece was done at Tatouage Royal, where I often do guest spots when I’m in Montreal.

    @deadman13: Yes the peels were meant to be wobbly.

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