Demons to some. Angels to others.

Continuing the theme of “why you should visit Montreal” are these incredible portraits by Melissa Valiquette out of Sin City in Montreal.


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28 thoughts on “Demons to some. Angels to others.

  1. This is fric frackin amazing. For a second, while the pic was loading, I thought he actually had pins in his arms!

  2. I am very impressed, pinhead actually looks like he’s gonna summon his buddies from hell to come eat me. i love it

  3. Wow! nice work!
    before i moved down to see the whole picture i thought those were real nails going into something, maybe a penis…

  4. I love how thoughtful Pinhead looks. It’s endearing, really. Or maybe I just have a bit of a thing for Cenobites. Regardless, both pieces are beautiful.

  5. Wow by far the best Pin Head portrait I have ever seen, Usually people focus to much on the pins but wow this is just an immaculate job!!!

  6. Hey, that water mark is in the Buffy font! :D

    [/focusing on the wrong thing]

    Pin Head is awesome, too. For a split second, I also thought they were actual pins.

  7. While I normally avoid such places far up north like Canada during times like this.. If I’d be able to afford it, I would certainly go up to Montreal to get some beautiful portrait work by this lady.

  8. Pinhead!

    I have no other comments than that Pinhead is awesome, and this portrait of him is simply amazing.

  9. 1. Yay for BME for using the Buffy font and

    2. Pinhead looks fucking AMAZING.

    Sooo many shitty Hellraiser tattoos out there, but this one is brilliant!

  10. Melissa is the sh*t!!!
    she inked me a few months back, her boyfriend Martin also is a kickass artist, they both work at sin city!

  11. thank you so much for the kind words everyone, and a big thank you to Jen for posting this :) just wanted to mention that i will be in Toronto for a guest spot with Great Canadian Tattoo Company from March 15th-20th ( if anyone in the GTA wanted to get tattooed! Thanks again <3


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