Digital be damned!

Doren Graf has emblazoned  his commitment to old school photography boldly upon his foot. Tattoo by Birte, Tintenstich, Bonn, Germany.


Analog is cool and I appreciate the art form, but when it comes to taking photographs on the go, digital is hard to beat. Speaking of photographs on the road, have you gotten your application (and video) in for the BME World Tour? If not, why not? Seriously, I am shocked how many people aren’t even trying for an amazing once in a life time chance like this! If I didn’t have a son, a wife,  a piercing business, and two incompetent apprentices to take care of, I would be making the best damn interview video possible and preparing myself for an amazing journey!

15 thoughts on “Digital be damned!

  1. I simply feel like there must be so many amazing people on bmezine submitting apps, theres not way I would get chosen!

  2. Still a big fan of the good old film.. Means every photo you take. Has to be done with faith and belief in what you doing.

    Tho digital is good for the young generation. I still konw professionals here who refused to swap to digital:)

    And the apps. I can’t make them 🙂 wish i had the brain too 🙁

    Bahaha a virtual piercing dumbing 🙂 lol

  3. I’m part of the young generation, but I still prefer film. It’s just a shame employees don’t feel the same! Lovely tattoo by the way 🙂

  4. film?
    what is this…star trek?
    i don’t use any of that cutting edge technology, i prefer to just carry around my easel and palette and make an oil painting of anything that you new wavers would think to snap a “picture” of.

  5. fail tattoo? too much red around the blackline, and all the white stuff, looks bad.

    why not wait 5 more minutes before u take the photos, so the skin is calm and the tattoo is viewable…

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