Candy for the eye

These septum piercing photos were submitted by Nix. When I was moderating photos for BME last night, I found myself drawn to this first photo. I admit, it was the glitter eyeshadow that sucked me in! There is something about the photo that intrigues me. I think it may be the serene look on her face and that slight Mona Lisa smile.


Next photo after the break.


I think this photo would make a great print. In fact, I’d really like to hang it up on my wall. The lips really make the photo pop and I love the simplicity of just having the one septum piercing and nothing else. I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I do.

12 thoughts on “Candy for the eye

  1. I think It’s the extreme colour that gets me. Great skin also! And Joeltron, I wouldn’t have had that thought, but now it’s in my head. Stretch it! 😀

  2. It’s me! Thanks guys! I’m currently working on stretching my ears right now, I hadn’t thought of stretching my septum…I like the idea though.

    And I’m selling prints! You can see the rest of my work on my flickr site, my contact info for prints is on my profile page.


  3. You can stop bragging now about moderating images 😛

    But seriously, can I moderate images on the new site too? Is that something all of us can take part in? Where do I go to do that?

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