Is THIS the smile of a homicidal maniac?

I would think not. I am sure modblog readers, as well as the readers of many other blogs as well as viewers of the George Lopez show remember Jesse from the recent media circus surrounding his arrest.

However, this is modblog, so focus on the body mods for a bit.

It’s no wonder he’s smiling, look how absolutely amazingly the “Trojan War Helmet” ECU (electro cautery unit) branding has healed up. The scalp is NOT an easy spot to get to scar, trust me I have tried. Yet these brands by Steve Haworth just look astonishing and really add a new dimension to his already impressive collection of body mods.


24 thoughts on “Is THIS the smile of a homicidal maniac?

  1. this guy is cool, he helped out on taking care of my leg after my lotus suspension! go you!!! though we could not save my chucks… :(

  2. Snoogans, The problem with the subdermal is a little thing we scientists like to call a shadow

  3. My implants are fine. I was wearing a modified hat for part of this photo shoot. Any forehead pressure at all will make them a little red temporarily.
    General information: Just because a subdermal is red does not mean it is in any danger of rejecting. Just needs whatever is irritating it removed.

  4. Wow…that is amazing..
    I just found the video of him getting it done – “smells like BBQ” lol.
    I wish I had the guts to get that done to that extent…though I do want branding done eventually no matter what.

  5. Tony T. I hope you wake up one day and realize that we all look at our lives with perspective and wonder about things. Who knows, but I hope you enjoy your mid life crisis as much as I will!

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