Lizard Skynard CD Release….today!

Ever since I first discovered The Lizardman, way back in my RAB days, I have kept up with his constant transformations, and new endeavors. Recently, he began a whole new chapter or his life. He has always been a performer, and for several years he was involved with music as the MC for the Jager Tour. Now he has taken the next obvious step, by fronting a band himself.

When I first heard about this, I expected it to be kind of a joke band…..a funny drunken joke band, but a joke band no less. But upon listening to it, it became obvious this is something the Lizardman was serious about. It’s not music for everybody,  but for people who enjoy Henry Rollins or Jim Carroll type spoken word, or who are die-hard Lizardman fans this is definitely an album to pick up. Then there is the live show, which like any Lizardman performance it will be well one not to miss. There will be the drunken sideshow antics we have all come to love combined with the musical onslaught served up by his band and him, I assure you it will be one show worth catching.

Here’s the official Bio from the bands website:

Lizard Skynard is an exciting new band fronted by the famous Lizardman and Mossy Vaughn from the band The Heavils (…Erik ‘The Lizardman’ Sprague is an accomplished sideshow entertainer, world traveler, stand up comedian and professional FREAK.The band also features drummer Johnny baker from the grind band Waco Jesus and on bass Russell Gillespie (Mothertrucker,KeyChainToker) and Eric Vaughn on keyboards. The New album was recorded at Electrical Audio studios with Greg Norman and mastered at Chicago Mastering with Jason Ward…

Lizard Skynard members

This all started because Mossy wanted to play music again and saw Erik ‘The Lizardman’ Sprague as his meal-ticket. The Heavils were not playing and who better to start a new project with but his green friend.

They talked about this band for about two years over many Jagermeister shots and while indulging in chemical inspiration they found the perfect name: Lizard Skynard. It was a lot cooler than Lizzard of Oz or REO MeatLizard and it got the right mix of awe and amusement from all who heard it. Mossy brought his cousin Johnny Baker (from the band Waco Jesus) to play drums and did some demos.They then recruited former Mothertrucker bassist Russell Gillespie and former Iron Sausage keyboardist Eric Vaughn to make the band even stronger.

If you want to check it out for yourself,  you can stream it ,or order the cd from or if you prefer the mp3 download it is available now on itunes.

3 thoughts on “Lizard Skynard CD Release….today!

  1. Was mildly skeptical I must admit. However, upon having a listen, it’s actually quite great!

  2. That definitely is good! Thanks for posting this here – and I hope you get back to bringing us more of the good stuff again soon!

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