Welcome back friends! A huge thank you to Rachel and Mike who worked long hours to get BME, ModBlog, IAM and the rest up and running again. It’s good to be back! I thought this tattoo was fitting. No artist was credited but it was submitted by xsabx. The lettering looks like it might be a bit shaky but sometimes it’s just the photo, especially on fresh and healing tattoos and once they’re healed it looks just fine.


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend (or long weekend for those of you in the US). I’m always curious about why people choose old school motifs for tattoos. Well, I guess I’m curious about all of them but I always wonder what draws people to the old school stuff. So ModBloggers, if it’s not too personal, what motivated you to get the style of ink you’ve got?

10 thoughts on “Unbreakable

  1. The clean, bold work of oldschool stuff is what really draws me to it. My left arm is covered in neo-traditional and western traditional work. I enjoy the simplicity of it, as well as the innovation that has come about after decades of practicing this timless style.

  2. old school work has much more appeal
    the lines and bright colours remind me of my grandfather and his military relations

  3. Old-school is so played out. Some of it looks good aesthetically but I see most of it as a major lack of creativity

  4. True well done old school tattoos, like traditional japanese or traditional tribal are timeless. They read well from afar and have an ever lasting strength to them, they have history, meaning, tradition, something that has been passed down through generations and somehow represent the true essence of what tattooing is all about and they fucking kick ass !!!!!

  5. well, apparently this is awesome.

    heh I don’t get the whole diamond/anchor thing. Diamond… anchor? diamond? anchor?

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