A great piercing job, in this economy? I think so!

I recently saw on my buddy Jareb’s facebook page that  his studio, Spider-Bite Tattoos and Body Piercings. Normally, a post like that wouldn’t have gotten my immediate attention. However, the fact it comes from the same piercer who is con stantly making post such as “just did my 40th piercing, now it’s time for lunch”, leads me to believe this is an extremely busy shop (which also happens to use high end jewelry, this is no hack shop) and is therefore a great opportunity for the right piercer. Hell, if it wasn’t in NH, I might have jumped on this one myself.

“Very busy downtown Manchester, NH tattoo and body piercing shop is looking for an experienced and licensed body piercer. Previous shop experience and valid body arts practicioner license A MUST! Please call 603-661-3449 to arrange interview! FT and PT position available!”


15 thoughts on “A great piercing job, in this economy? I think so!

  1. Spider-bite is a great place – good customer service, reasonable prices, talented artists, and a one stop shop for all kinds of fun stuff. They also started the Live Free or Die tattoo expo which will ring in it’s 5th year this summer. The owner is a good guy, supports his employees and promotes his shop – if you qualify and they’re really hiring, jump on it. I’d work there if I could!

  2. 2 bad the owner left a bar in town and punched his wife in the fancy( yeah real nice guy)

    also the shop is KNOWN AS A FACT for selling drugs ……………………………. they do have a large selection of jewelry but most people choose the cheap option

    GET THE FACTS N.H! holla

  3. This shop has such a big selection of jewelry i was taken back by it, the prices were very high for most of the jewelry there, but they do have some well priced jewelry as well

    I wandered around the shop for 15 minutes before anyone even noticed me or approached me to get my piercing done, i was very happy with my piercing once I received it, and it healed AMAZING!!!

    I personally believe that hair salons & piercing shops should NOT mix, it is a terrible cross contamination issue (for obvious reasons).

    All in all my Spiderbite experience was a fair time :)

  4. don’t forget the reason that most shops offer cost effective (read: cheap jewelry) is because the client base can often times doesn’t care about the quality of the jewelry as much as say a piercer or modification enthusiast may.

    can’t blame a shop for trying to cater to an unwilling crowd. at least Jareb and company are making the push to offer respectable jewelry for the folks who appreciate it.

    don’t hate.

  5. Thanks Sean.

    The shop is most definitely hiring, as I am leaving and our other piercer will be alone. We also own/operate a second shop in town that will be in need of a piercer. I hear the complaints about our prices a lot, but that happens in a recession. We use Neometal, Anatometal, LeRoi, and Industrial Strength as our jewelry companies, and you get what you pay for. Still, as others have noted, our selection is beyond huge.

    And yeah, we are quite busy. The week after Christmas, I did 49 piercings on a Thursday. Even now, in the middle of winter, I am averaging 15-20 a day. This is an amazing opportunity for whoever is able to nail it down.

  6. I def LOVE this shop <3 I’ve been there before many times and they always take care of me and my sisters to the fullest Extent. I got my eyebrow pierced there, my sister got 3 ear piercings at once as well as a nose piercing, my other sister got her nose and belly button done there, and my other sister got her lip and eyebrow done. I look forward to visiting this shop again soon :) and if I was a professional piercer, I would most DEFINITELY be working there.
    I can’t say New Hampshire is an easy place to run the shop though. Right next door to Manchester is an extremely up-tight town called Bedford where I lived. They really don’t believe in anything diverse or different. Manchester is much better though :) which is kinda a goo situation.
    They def. Have the best healing products too. I wouldn’t go any place else to get healing products for a piercing.

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