An Amputease

On the first of March, I posted pictures of a pinky finger amputation in conjunction with Self-Injury Awareness day. As with anytime, we post amputation pictures on Modblog, people had questions and wanted more info then they could get from the pictures alone. Luckily, for all parties involved, when I posted these pictures and asked for  more information in hopes the submitter would see this post, he happily obliged. Much like my interview with Jenya, this one is short and simple (hence the amputease title), because of the language barrier from their native tongue, Russian, to my hillbilly English. Fortunately, both of them are FAR more fluent in English then I am at Russian.


For the interview, keep on keeping on.

Sean: First off, some basic information: How old are you? Where do you live? What do you do for a living?

Сергей Губанов: I am 47 years old and I live in Moscow, Russia. I’m p.h.d in computer science, I work as head of IT-department in one medium-size Russian company.

Sean: Is their any other personal information that you would  care to share?

Сергей Губанов: I married and have two sons – 5 and 11 y.o. My hobby are photography and guitar playing.

Sean: Do you have any other body modifications?

Сергей Губанов:No. I don’t like tattoo,s piercings and other body mods.

Sean: So with no other interest in body modification, what lead to your decision to do this amputation?

Сергей Губанов: It’s difficult to answer. I dreamed about it from my childhood. And I don’t know why.

Sean: How did you go about doing the amputation?

Сергей Губанов: Those day I made some carpentry work with electric saw. It was in my summer house, just for fun. I was alone. Suddenly I felt now or newer”.


Then I called to ER ;)

Sean: Do you have any regrets with your decision?

Сергей Губанов: No, I happy doing this and I regret that I didn’t do this 25-30 years ago.

Sean: How has this amputation affected your daily life?

Сергей Губанов: There are no difference except one – I can’t scratch inside my right ear
with my right pinky :)

Sean: How do people react when they notice it?

Сергей Губанов: My relatives and friends think that it was an accident and sympathize to me.
From time to time I see stares to my hand, but I don’t know what those people thinks.

Sean: One final question, do you plan on doing any other amputations or other body
modifications in the future?

Сергей Губанов: I don’t think I will. Finger amputation only attracts me, but I need 5 left
fingers and 4 right to play guitar.

On behalf of myself, and several of the modblog readers, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to answer my questions and bring us some insight into your life, your  motives and your amputation.

12 thoughts on “An Amputease

  1. I seek that sort of thing from anywhere. If I come across someone on IAM, or someone who has submitted photos that I think would make for an interesting interview, I ask them if they would be interested. In the case of amputees, I figure the more the merrier, as it is a subject that is interesting to a lot of readers and each individual likely has different motivations and stories.

    That being said, if you or anyone else has any suggestion, feel free to email me or mention it in my modblog suggestions/comments forum

  2. Plus, assuming that is the Jerome from the Modcon book cover fame, who is involved in multiple aspects of body modification, that is a far different subject then this man, whose only interest is in amputation.

  3. I hope this doesn’t come off as sounding judgemental, because I don’t intend it that way at all, but wouldn’t this be considered some kind of BDD? I guess I won’t ever be able to fully understand, because I like my fingers where they are, but I’ve heard (vaguely) about mental illnesses along this line — a guy putting his foot in dry ice, for example.
    Also, his family believing it was an accident speaks volumes.

  4. I can’t imagine keeping the real circumstances behind such a thing a secret, it’s a heavy burden to bear for the price of your mod, but if it’s what you want, and you’ve wanted it for that long the I hope it brings you nothing but joy.

  5. I’m curious when I see amputation pictures so it is nice to see interviews. Fascinating really.
    It seems to me the discussions and comments that follow each any every amputation post are always exactly the same though, kinda irritating, but to be expected I guess.
    In this community most of us have mods &/or are involved in activities that others can’t fully understand, don’t really ‘get’, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise. Live and learn and see what is out there :)

  6. really enjoying this little recurring feature, sean. i dig that they’re usually not so lengthy that i won’t have time to sit down at work and read them in one shot, but they still give a little insight about the subject. hope to see more in the future

  7. Uh, yeah I think this guy needs help. If you honestly think that amputation has anything to do with piercings or tattoos then you are an idiot. Yeah it may be body modification but that shouldnt justify the act or thought of wanting to cut off a body part. Why is this shit even mentioned on this website?

  8. I enjoyed reading the interview and even wish it was longer. and regarding some of the negative comments.. I don’t think this guy is mentally ill, and the post is more than suitable for BME. an amputation is as much a body modification as tattoos or even just and earlobe piercing. You do something to your body to change its appearance and you mostly do it for yourself, so you can feel more comfortable in the body you live in. Please publish more of interviews like this one. I think amputations are one of the more amazing forms of body mods.

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