Where in the world is Rob?

You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet here.  Rob is dealing with some medical issues and hasn’t been able to post anything to ModBlog for a few days.  It seems we’re all experiencing medical issues lately or maybe we’re just getting old!  Rob should be back at it by tomorrow.

Here’s a tattoo that caught my eye.  It was inked by Cliff Ziegler of Zebra Tattooz in Streetsboro, Ohio.


I think it’s the way the raven is staring the viewer down that caught my eye.  Maybe I should have titled this “Fuck you,” said the Raven.
(points for whoever guesses that quote first)

10 thoughts on “Where in the world is Rob?

  1. Dave wins the cool points for knowing what the quote was from. 🙂 I still laugh whenever I think of that line in the book.

    Rob texted me this afternoon and he should definitely be ModBlogging away again tomorrow.

  2. I dunno about the quote, but the tattoo itself looks like a slight design from the album cover of In Flames’ “Sounds of the Playground Fading”.

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