Two mouths are better than one

I’m used to posting dozens of entries a day, which I realize ModBlog isn’t quite used to and since things are now scrolling a page away without many people even knowing that I’m writing anything at all, I think at this point I will call it a day and build up steam as time goes on — and assuming I adjust to doing this (and I’m sure many of you understand how difficult this is for me emotionally), I will probably cross post links or a digest to Facebook, and continue covering the mod community from my vantage point.

In any case, I want to share someone who ranks very high up the list of my favorite mutants, the amazing Cesare Di Borgia, who I know has been posted here before so I hope you’re familiar with him. Not only does he have an incredible chaotic collection of facial piercings — it’s impossible to miss! — and massive stretchings, but not visible in this picture he also has subclavicals and other radical deep piercings including bars through his biceps, which may well be unique. And Cesare is anything if not unique. He is a real gem, a beautiful oddball, and a wonderful man on a personal level as well. It’s guys like Cesare that keep me excited after all this time about body modification. Anyway, the reason I chose to share this photo he posted today is that I love the effect that his drooping plateless lip piercings give, almost as if he has two mouths. It actually takes a moment to even realize exactly what you’re seeing!


I also know that I can judge whether I will like a person by their reaction to Cesare — whether it be open minded or it be fearful or even angry bigotry. He’s not someone that inspires ambivalence. Later days, everyone.

10 thoughts on “Two mouths are better than one

  1. I’ve been seeing Cesare blow up my news feed since he found me on Facebook. It’s good to see this side of modification here again. For too long ModBlog has just been photoshopped pictures of pretty girls. This is just a great change of pace.

  2. Keep it up Shannon.
    Modblog has been dead for some time now (besides some random and not very interesting activity in periods), and it’ll take a while for people to realize that it is being brought back to life now.

  3. Welcome back Shannon, I wondered why the Modblog posts were suddenly more engaging and interesting! Looking forward to following your posts in future 🙂

  4. Had to look him up on FB, I wanted to see photos of him wearing the lip plates. Very hard for me to mentally extrapolate them from this photo, given the extent of his gleeful facial cacophony. I don’t know if he’s striving for pure chaos or a level of asymmetric balance — c.f. “Starry Night” or some of Kadinsky’s work — but it brings those paintings to mind.

    A little disappointed I didn’t find shots of the bars through his biceps. As a lifter the idea has me equally fascinated and squicked.

    Tangentially, I really like that his BF’s totally unmodified, at least according to the pictures I saw.

  5. welcome back shannon – this blog was really dead w/out you.
    good luck mate!

  6. Not my personal taste (I’m all up on the symmetry), but definitely very interesting and beautiful in its own way. I followed noisy’s example and looked him up, and the weird, pseudo pro-anorexia stuff on his facebook page turns me off way more than his piercings do.

  7. ^ I noticed the pro-anorexia stuff on his page too. Very off-putting & unhealthy, along with the fact that he pierces people without gloves in an unsanitary environment(there’s a pic of this actually happening on his profile), and that he self-pierces using household objects as jewelry(he explains in the caption under the picture of his bicep piercings that he uses spray-can straws[like the ones that come with WD-40 cans], threads beads on them, and burns the ends so they stay in place. That just horrifies me, that kind of plastic CANNOT be sterilized and he’s putting it into fresh wounds :O How he’s managed to escape infection, gangrene, and even blood poisoning thus far is nothing short of a miracle. Its his body & I’m sure he’s a very nice guy(and I love the fact that he’s an animal lover), but he’s setting a terrible example for safe & responsible body modding.

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