Lionel Fahy – Artist of more than one type

One of the first tattoo artists to introduce me — and the larger BME community — to the new French art-style of tattooing was Lionel Fahy of Out of Step Tattoo ( What you may not know, is that not only is he a brilliant tattoo artist, but he’s also an amazing musician. In this video slideshow of his tattoos, the soundtrack song is also his work, so be sure to listen to this with the sound turned on.

One thought on “Lionel Fahy – Artist of more than one type

  1. Fantastic stuff there, really nice style. Some of it reminds me a lot of lucy mclauchlan’s work.

    Also, I would like to add that it’s such a pleasure to see Shannon posting again. Modblog over the last few days has been like running into an old friend, only to find you have more in common now then before and having the place explode into kittens, rainbows, and anatomy textbooks. I hope you and all who are close are doing well. <3

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