New sleeves by Freak Mike

Before I head down to the swimming pool with my daughter, let me quickly post a couple of new sleeves by Freak Mike, who you know from the now-closed Swastika-Freakshop and is now working in a small private gallery with his mentor Marc. Together they are pushing the artform forward with bold and aesthetically challenging and striking creations, and you can bet you’ll see more of them here in the future (as you have in the past since I first met them in the early days of ModBlog).



If you didn’t already notice by the way, much of I post can be clicked and zoomed into.

10 thoughts on “New sleeves by Freak Mike

  1. proud and straight? what does that even mean? proud of being straight, as if that’s something that takes courage?
    ANYWAY, good work. that charizard is fucking awesome

  2. @Kolan: If Shannon doesn’t get to them, I’ll go through them in a day or so and make sure they have the right tags.

  3. Love the colours of this piece and the sketch style of the drums. I’m thinking “Proud & Straight” is a straight-edge reference…

  4. I misread it as “Peace & Strenght” (sic) at first glance and was really bummed about the misspelling. Much nicer once you know what it says.

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