Latest Free Fall Suspension Trailers

Speaking of the Sinner Team and their amazing free fall suspension work in Russia, a few days ago they posted trailer numbers four and five from this summer’s work. They’re very short clips, but more than worth the watch nonetheless — and of course if you have not yet seen the other recent videos (or their even earlier work), do not miss their Vimeo gallery here:

The first video is of Josh Fike’s 30 meter freefall (watching him fly past is crazy hilarious), which was also the first head-down free fall suspension. There were small tears on all hooks, but the skin held him and his spine is fine too — they put safety measures in place to protect him in case of overflip. Video two is Switzerland’s Don Lucius (who also paraglides, so I assume he’s completely fearless), the first after Stanislav to jump twice in one day. Sinner Team are one of my favorite groups in suspension, pushing forward hard, but doing so with a keen eye for safety.

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