Odd Helix-nub Piercing

Tye Olsen (who I think most BME-regulars have known for years) of Tyetanium in Waterdown, Ontario, had a girl come to him with a funny little bump on the back of her helix — note that this is natural, not the scarred result of a piercing or anything like that. She’d gone to every piercer she knew and had been turned down, but Tye decided to do it for her for just the cost of the jewelry since he couldn’t guarantee it would be anything but fun… And she loves it, as does he!


2 thoughts on “Odd Helix-nub Piercing

  1. this is very beautiful i would love to have an abnormality that is so sexy. my brother has a third nipple and i wish he would get it pierced, i would if i had it.

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