Suspending at Cadillac Ranch

Speaking of guerrilla suspension, the Cadillac Ranch ( for more info) may not be quite as idyllic as a diving structure over the water at sunset, but half-buried cars covered in graffiti in the desert around Amarillo, Texas, is so very American. Never thought I’d have seen a suspension done between the cars, but I am today proved very wrong and happily surprised about it — these come from (and I apologize if I get this wrong) Skin Mechanic Suspension.


And now speaking of suspension in America, I wanted to mention that HOOKED is hosting the SUSPENSION MECCA Omaha Suscon from August 31st to September 3rd, which includes lectures from suspension luminaries including Allen Falkner, Havve Fjell, and Steve Joyner. For more information follow this link:


One thought on “Suspending at Cadillac Ranch

  1. this was one of the most interesting spots we have ever traveled to.
    haven’t seen this article in a while, but glad it still pops up.
    the group doing the suspension was not skin mechanic steel works,
    but our group thirdeyeperception
    we travel selling Joe’s amazing gear, but we are not directly in his amazing group.

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