Tattooed Scars

It might come as a shock to people that this text in the top photo is a healed scarification. The reason it looks fresh — and will forever — is that the scar has been “embossed” with lines of tattooing done in red on one side and white on the other, making it look like it’s still early in its healing process. It’s amazingly well done, with the scar being initially created by Azl in Montreal, who has been scarring longer than some of BME’s readers have even been alive!!! Another two amazing examples of his scars combined with tattooing (by Barry Buteau of Planet Ink) follow, some amazing painted angel wings that are given form and life by the underlying scars Azl created.

You don’t see scars and tattoos combined very often (which I find surprising), and you see it done this well even less often. These are both very special pieces of body art.




5 thoughts on “Tattooed Scars

  1. That is so cool! The wings are my favorite tho – the colors of the tattoos and the texture of the scars create a really interesting piece.

  2. Wow this is awesome. I already though about tattooing my scarification, but I didnt know how the color/look would end on it.

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