Mods at Biotek Toulouse, France

This swastika (hello trolls!) implant was done at Biotek Toulouse in France, with this picture being taken at three weeks into the healing. If you click the picture, you can see it fresh and swollen, so you can see how nicely the detail is beginning to show… And of course the black tattoo makes it show much better as well (in the same way that body builders artificially tan to make themselves as dark as possible to show off the contour of their muscles).


It’s a good bet that any studio that does implants also does scarification, and of course Biotek is no exception — here are a pair of fresh and healed examples. The first is a condor design from the Nazca lines, giant geogylphs in the Peruvian desert that some believe are UFO landing pads, and other more level-headed but still adventurous anthropologists believe are evidence that ancient Peruvians were perhaps humanity’s first airgoing society, with Jim Woodman going so far as to build an airship, the Condor I, named after the subject of this scarification, using only indigenous materials and technology. I love the idea, but unfortunately it’s been vehemently disputed by mainstream archeologists. The other cutting is a more “typical” cutting over blackwork that is always a hit.



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One thought on “Mods at Biotek Toulouse, France

  1. Not a trolling post…. but. Why do people get swastikas implanted and tattoo’d still? They must have to constantly point out that actually it’s a historical symbol with much more than just use as a Nazi symbol and im sure will face aggression at some point by somebody who does not know this and will not listen to their well rehearsed explanation. Is there not other historic symbols which have similar meaning and spiritual relevance?

    Im not sure which side I am on, I can see past it’s recent past and know that it certainly has a deeper meaning but at the end of the day times change, the N word used to be accepted in your vocabulary but luckily now has been picked up as a derogatory term. Is there not some similarities? meanings of things change, and if you asked people in the western world to tell you what that symbol means i am certain the vast majority will point to it’s use in the 20th century no matter which way it faces, and I do believe it would be harsh to label those people ignorant.

    Hope that didn’t sound trollish, I am just a little intrigued.

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