100/1000/1000 – Congratulations Rolf!!!

Those of you who follow Rolf Buchholz (Guiness’s new most pierced man) on Facebook or watch the BME suspension galleries may have noticed that he does a lot of suspensions. What you may not be aware of was that these were part of a larger ritual — to do one hundred suspensions, using one thousand hooks, over one thousand days. He has just completed this remarkable journey.


3 thoughts on “100/1000/1000 – Congratulations Rolf!!!

  1. Congratulations indeed! Now that’s definitely an achievement!
    I’ve had the pleasure to meet him at quite a few occasions now – in fact, he’s been present at virtually all suspension community events I ever attended. He’s a genuinely nice guy. Looking forward to meet him again at Suspension Mecca on Labor Day weekend where he’ll undoubtedly will get up in the air
    for the 101st time. Or the 102nd?

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