Orange Scleral Tattoo

This awesome totally gonzo bright orange eyeball tattoo was done by my friend Emilio Gonzalez of fame while visiting Hawaii on his bro Kalawela Kaiwi. Of course I also love the black eye tattoos, but I just love the way the bright coloured ones look. I’m still very worried about the long-term implications and consequences of eyeball tattooing and hope that it proceeds with caution on people experienced in heavy mods — as Kalawela obvious is — but gawddamn I do love scleral tattoos!!!


8 thoughts on “Orange Scleral Tattoo

  1. I’m curious about the long-term effects of this, as well. The all black scleral is absolutely gorgeous, and awfully tempting, and if I felt safe, and was able to do it, that would definitely be something I’d love to get. I work with sick elderly folks, though, so having someone with black scleral’s coming at you at that age would probably feel like the angel of death coming along. o.O XD

    @Melkjor: Ultimately, piercings are wherever you want them to be, no? I understand there are places and methods that work better than others, but in the end, if the person is willing to deal with all that comes with any particular piercing, then its wearers choice. And as far as “angry” piercings, I must say I don’t see that either. He may not be smiling, but he looks pretty happy to me.

  2. Melkjor – I don’t think I would go so far as to say they’re “not properly placed” because there is no proper place to put surface work or microdermals in general (I mean, come on — this is about defining our own PERSONAL aesthetic without RULES). I also don’t think they look particularly “angry” all things considered. I get what you’re saying, that this isn’t the ideal way to do surface piercings, and of course everyone agrees, that’s obvious. But it worked just fine for him, and he’s been at this for a very, very, very long time, so I think he should be given the benefit of the doubt to know what he wants and know what his body can heal.

  3. Hey shannon

    So what is the ideal way to do surface piercings being that my surface work is to you and others you speak of not the way to be done obvious? I’m curious to know the right way being that all the work that I have on my face is well over a decade old!

  4. Ideal way to do surface piercings?????
    can you please explain this to me.

    Ideal meaning what?
    Carefully placed into a spot of the body where there will not be much resistance?

    Painstakingly measuring every MM to make sure the piercing hits its marks ?

    Making sure that over-sizing marks as well as gauge of jewellery meets the needs of the specific placement on the body?

    Making sure that the piercing is done with quality jewellery that has been properly sterilised ?

    i could go on and on…….. i would just like to know what the “Ideal” way to do this type of piercing is.
    and before this question is answered…you should know a little info about this horribly taken photo in “question”

    All the Piercings in this photo wer self done, all of them are well over a decade old, and Kala the Body Modification artist in this picture who is close personal friends with the man who invented the surface to surface Piercing bar ect,ect has been through the surface to surface training. not to mention the 16 years of body piercing he has under his belt.

    so with that said …….what is it that some people see in this photo is leading them to think that this is not an “ideal” way to do surface piercing?

    just asking.

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