Life is PAIN

Here’s a giant PAIN-ful text skin removal by Gato Piercer out of Bogota, done in an hour and a half of peeling. I should note that I rotated this photo to make the text easier to read and see — it’s on a leg and was photo’d standing up. The only concern I have is that the text is not quite in a straight line, but I’m going to assume that’s just from the swelling from the procedure rather than the artist making the mistake of putting the stencil on while the person was sitting down rather than standing. Because scarification artists are typically piercers not tattoo artists, this mistake can happen — although I would assume that’s not the case here because Gato is plenty experienced. As always often, click to zoom.


2 thoughts on “Life is PAIN

  1. congrats to my friend from colombia is a good profesional and i agree whith the text are a diferent think tattoo and body mod thanks

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