More Amazing Blackwork

The blackwork tattoo masters have been uploading some great work today, so I want to feature three more great pieces (see mountains more in BME’s tattoo galleries). From top to bottom, the geometric back burst (note the subtle variations in weight that really play with your eye and separate the artist from the tattooist) by Vincent Hocquet (beautifulfreaktattoo.comedit: note the updated URL), a great backpiece and more by on artist Pinke Leenders (, photo by Reginald Tackoen), and a wonderful scalp piece extending down the neck and chest of Christ Wentworth by Joe Munroe ( So much talent out there today — tattoo patrons are very lucky art collectors — that there’s no excuse for not wearing a great tattoo.




2 thoughts on “More Amazing Blackwork

  1. love the attention to detail – how he incorporated the ear into the design is just great!

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