Palms and Feet by Halbstark

I’ve been flipping through a lot of amazing German tattoo artists who are doing beautiful hybrid art tattooing like in the entry before this one after readers started sending me lots of wonderful links to galleries. The first to catch my eye was the ultra-talented Mark Halbstark (on Facebook at fb/halbstark.onroad). Most of his work is actually in color, so what I’m going to share here isn’t really that representative, but I liked this negative space heart running across two feet, and I quickly whipped together a collage of a collection of the palm tattoos he’s installed (you can zoom that picture for a slightly closer look), which judging by the healed shots in his portfolio, he’s very good at making stay, which is not an easy feat. Be sure to search for more of his work, because this is just the tip of the iceberg and his style is much broader.



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