Eva Medusa’s New Dragon Eyes

Eva Medusa is one of a tiny handful of people undergoing a double transformation — both a M2F gender correction, and a full-body concept transformation into a “dragon lady” inspired by the Western Diamondback Rattle Snake. A challenging and lengthy path to say the least. The latest part of that transformation was her eye tattoo, done in a glorious bright green by mod artist Chance Davis (who incidentally is also part of that tiny handful). Eva reports some minor sensitivity and swelling but no significant pain and no vision issues (as expected). I’m sure many updates to Eva Medusa’s story will follow.


Finally, here’s a video of the last bit of the procedure being done. Hopefully you can see it alright — for some reason I often have trouble getting Facebook videos to play properly on my computer and can only view them in Chrome, but not in Firefox.

You can follow Eva’s transformation and daily thoughts at facebook.com/MetamorphosisEvaMedusaLadyDragon.

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