It’s all about LIFE

A beautiful portrait of Marc (Little Swastika) and his new “Life” tattoo, done in the bold and fluid slashing style of script that his studio is well known for, by his partner Freak Mike with whom he pushes their niche of the artform forward. You can also see his black eye tattoo nicely in this photo. Zoom in and take a close look and you’ll also catch hold of many scars and other signposts on the map of Marc’s life.


8 thoughts on “It’s all about LIFE

  1. Looms like he removed a bunch of mods. If I am not mistaken he had some subdermal implants and a large labret?

  2. looks good but I am distracted by people who don’t wear jewelry in stretched piercings, personal issue. I really think that the asymmetry of the one dark eye is really nice. It compliments his already dark eyes.

  3. This is one of those posts that made me stop and say “wow.” Absolutely gorgeous.

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