The Metal Moko

To be clear, Samppa had nothing to do with that title, and in fact, I think actually officially calling this jewelry anything like that would be culturally insensitive. But it does remind me quite a lot of the look of many neo-tribal tattoos so the name sprung to mind instantly. In any case, this is a custom piece of nostril jewelry bent to shape by Samppa von Cyborg, currently on a world tour (the dates of which you can read at the bottom of his recent article on transdermal implant design) if you’re looking for work by him. It is held in place by pressure, with the inside of the jewelry being very much like a normal nostril screw. To be honest, anyone with some needle nosed pliers and some wire could have a lot of fun coming up with all sorts of related designs!


One thought on “The Metal Moko

  1. How cool would it be to have that then go through a bridge piercing and down to the other nostril! Too much probably, but I’d love to see that. Lovely and creative idea with this jewelry!

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