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The skull implants being made by Steve Haworth have — in part because of some amazing photos of them by Samppa Von Cyborg that went viral — have taken off and I’m seeing more and more of them. When I first saw them, the first thing I said was “these would look great in a sternum”, so I felt validated when I saw this great example that Samppa did while guesting at Copenhagen Body Extremes I felt my comment was vindicated. You’ll notice that he also did a set of beads just under the collarbone to augment the client’s biomech tattoos, but what I really wanted to point out here was the shape and direction of the incisions that he used. I’m sorry to say that Samppa is one of the few modification artists that really pays a lot of attention to Langer’s lines — meaning that he always tries to make his cuts in parallel to the direction of the collagen fibers of the body. By doing so, he does far less damage to the skin, and makes it much easier for the body to reattach and close the wound with a minimum of scarring. This is why the central cut at the bottom of the sternum is curved, and the incisions for the bead rows are horizontal rather than perpendicular to the bead rows. Taking this extra effort is the sort of small nuance that really separates “the best from the rest”.


Click to zoom of course.

Following are three more skull implants (and I’m sure over time you will see many more of them in BME’s implant galleries due to the popularity of the design). I admit I’m afraid to misidentify the location of the first one because of the close crop, but it’s either a forearm or a calf, but in either case, what’s important to notice is how different this implant looks in the soft tissue, causing the edges to have a lot more blur or blend into their surroundings than they might otherwise have. The next is of course in a hand, with the placement designed to augment the tattoo, and both of these were also Samppa’s work. The final example is by Alex of Clandestine Body Art in Bilbao, Spain (and was actually featured by Rob a while back when it was fresh), so you can compare the healed piece).

skull1t skull2t skull3t

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