Have you noticed his eyes? Have you?

Joe Munroe (joemunroe.co.uk) who you may remember from earlier ModBlog mentions just went to Divine Canvas and had permanent eye-liner added to his already extensive collection of facial ink — note the beautiful custom rotary tattoo machine made by Uncleroy Rotary that they used by the way. And yes, those super-cool stickers really do exist, but don’t ask me for them — you may have to go fly to the UK and get tattooed to earn one for all I know. Click to get a closer look, and don’t miss the tiny little piercings tucked amid the tattoos.


By the way, since I haven’t posted a traditional portrait of him to ModBlog yet and I’ve been typically lax in moving all my old posts over from the inaccessible digital dump known as Facebook, I want to give readers a proper introduction by way of this beautiful portrait by Tim Churchill (tim-churchill.com) — which also gives you a chance to see what an intense difference the eyeliner tattoo makes.


5 thoughts on “Have you noticed his eyes? Have you?

  1. joe s eye s look amazing

    i ve had my eye s done
    a few times
    by xed
    everyone should
    it looks hot

    the whole experience
    from first prick
    to last scab
    is far out
    in every way

  2. I am planning to have my eyeliner tattooed on soon and I agree with inkarella that everyone should have it done .

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