9 thoughts on “Say hello to the mechanical faberge elves, ok?

  1. A backpiece on a chest? That really is psychedelic. it’s like the world is melting…everything’s back to front… 😛

  2. HAHAH I can’t believe I called this a backpiece. Man I need to get more sleep. Of course this is his chest. Although now I’m totally stoked for the idea of tattooing nipples and a belly button on my back.

  3. Bead implants for full nipple realism! Deep-scarring over your spine for a realistic belly button would be somewhat trickier tho…

  4. …fuck, now I want to give myself four extra nipples down the front and pretend I evolved from a cat.

  5. @AshPlant – the nipple idea is interesting…

    This chestpiece is really nice, Iike how the stripes end up being snakes.

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