Strangely, I don’t hear Lady Gaga calling

As you may have already seen, as it’s become viral news on Reddit (which is how I was tipped off) and elsewhere, a guy with a mountain of skull-related tattoos (and even a little Zombie Rick-aesthetic) and an eyeball tattoo just got himself in trouble for, among other things, serial burglary and shooting a cop in Anchorage, Alaska. Not to joke about cop killers (tonight we get even), I have to admit that it is at least mildly amusing to me seeing eyeball tattoos being “endorsed” by criminals — I mean, I don’t think you could possibly come up with a better FUCK THE WORLD and NO FUTURE tattoo than a fully black eye. And as far as I’m concerned, anything at this point that stops the gentrification of tattooing the better. Scare away the yuppies that think body modification is a fashion choice. It’s not. It’s a lifestyle. Duh, it lasts for your whole life — fashion is transient, and when people get that confused, hello tattoo removal and coverups. Of course I generalize, but you know what I mean. Anyway, for my dead homies, on to the tattooed cop killer.

Best booking photo ever.


These pictures below are snagged from the Anchorage Daily News. Click to zoom in. If you’d like to learn more about this case, maybe lose what little hope you had left for humanity, you can follow this link to the story on ADN.


PS. For any dummy that wants to complain, no of course I am not endorsing this guy, and no I don’t think he or his actions are “cool” in any way. So don’t waste your fingers typing a complaint. Also he only grazed the cop, and didn’t kill him like he wanted to, so I don’t feel too bad speaking lightly of the event.

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11 thoughts on “Strangely, I don’t hear Lady Gaga calling

  1. It’s amazing how different he looks in those two pictures — he looks so much bigger in the booking picture. I don’t know how old his eye tattoo is so it’s hard to judge if these pictures were taken close together or not (and yes, I know I could follow some links and figure it out but I’m just not that invested intellectually in this dude!).

  2. “And as far as I’m concerned, anything at this point that stops the gentrification of tattooing the better. Scare away the yuppies that think body modification is a fashion choice. It’s not. It’s a lifestyle.”

    More elitist bs.

  3. He’s wearing a necklace with an iron cross and swastika, and he has a tattooed Odin’s cross (sun cross) on his left arm: all are symbols that neo-nazis use, so I think it’s safe to say he’s one.

  4. that’s where i live.. i feel so ashamed! i’m concerned where he got his eye done though, if it wasn’t self done. because i didn’t think any body artists up here did them..

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  6. They shut down half of downtown for a day in a standoff with that guy. I was wondering if he had been featured here before (he looked familiar)

  7. I don’t think much of anything’s going to scare anyone away from the gentrification of the bodymod arts. Probably happen at different rates for different techniques — piercing and tattooing will be/are being fastest. But sooner or later some yuppies will get around to trying almost anything, and liking it enough to tell their friends.

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