Six microdermals at 76

Back in May, Buddy Williams (of Ancient Ink in Antelope, California) had a 76 year old woman walk in off the street. She wasn’t brought in by a grandchild that she was trying to impress by being the “cool granny” — she was just another normal customer thinking about getting a piercing. She asked Buddy about his microdermals, and wondered if he could do some for her. So he did, giving her a set of them. Since then she’s come back again to add more of them. There have been some longevity issues with the microdermals, with them not lasting as well in her skin as they normally would (three have been replaced), and we agreed that’s probably due to her older skin being less elastic than that of a younger person.

Nonetheless, it’s always wonderful to see stories about how body modification is one of those things that reaches every possible demographic and is one of those pure human experiences that everyone can enjoy. It’s also got the good “moral of the story” that you should never make assumptions about the person walking in the door of your studio — maybe they’re there to yell at you for piercing their grandkid, but more likely they’re another good customer waiting to happen. And I think that the fact that I’m even making this comment is an important lesson on ageism. Should I even be noticing this at all? Shit. Now I feel guilty.


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5 thoughts on “Six microdermals at 76

  1. This is Awesome!!! This lady is so sweet…..Buddy is an amazing piercier out here in Antelope CA . .I love all my piercings that he has done for me and im going back for more.. Thank you

  2. You go Granny! :D I really think they should have much smaller ends. They are just a little overwhelming on her face. Btw, My mom is 62, and she is now planning on her first tattoo. It is for her also a concern about the age and density of her skin. She is also allergic to red dye in food, so I assume red tattoo ink would be a bad idea as well.

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