SkinDiver Project resurrected as Scarification

About three years ago Baz Black of Dundalk, Ireland did a heart-shaped jewelry project on his girlfriend’s arm using SkinDivers (a simplified variation on the microdermal that looks a little like a labret stud). It healed well, but after three years she was tired of them getting caught on things all the time and decided to remove them. During the removal, since Baz knew that she was going to have some scars from the project no matter what, he suggested that they could improve its appearance by using a dermal punch to convert the piercing project into a skin removal scarification project. I think he came up with a nice way of breathing new life into a dying mod.


One thought on “SkinDiver Project resurrected as Scarification

  1. It’s too bad the microdermals were so annoying to live with. They were very pretty. I agree, the scarification is a nice salvage.

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