Making Black Eyeballs Look “Right”

I don’t quite know how — I don’t think it’s as simple as “extreme makeup” acclimatizing us — it’s more cohesive than that — but somehow Roni Lachowicz (iam:xronix) really pulls off those black eyes… I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but on Roni, they actually look “natural”… Maybe natural isn’t the right word, but they at least look like they’re “supposed” to be like that. I wouldn’t have thought that would ever be true for black eyeballs. I wonder how much of this is just me integrating alternate eye colors into my mental model of “what a human face looks like”, and how much of that is me having a special mental model of “what Roni looks like” that’s distinct from human?


PS. Photo copyright 2012 Robert Millward. I photoshopped the colors in this picture. Click here for the original.

5 thoughts on “Making Black Eyeballs Look “Right”

  1. I think having those blue eyes is just really set off by the black eyes. I think they’re beautiful.

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