When Aghoris Lose Their Ears

Martin sent me this video of the autocannibalism fun they got up to at GELOCHT UND SCHARF GESTOCHEN (gelocht.com) in Neuss, Germany (across the Rhine from Düsseldorf). Before I start making obvious jokes about Germans and cannibalism, can I just say this is the best studio name ever? It’s one of those wonderful phrases that doesn’t translate cleanly into English but roughly it’s “holes made and sharply stuck”. Perhaps you have to speak both languages but to me it’s both hilarious and somehow poetic.

Martin to we’re watching here is the closure of 68 mm (2 5/8″) lobes, which looks like it was very well done, but is completely outshined by the apparently Aghori-inspired autocannibalism ritual in which the soft jiggly but very chewy ear leftovers are consumed. You’d be surprised how common this is (for atheists as well as for those with spiritual justification) in tissue removal procedures and skin removal scarification. I will try and update this entry in a day or two with some more information, so check back if you’re interested.

Click the thumbnails to see them bigger, or click here for the video.


One thought on “When Aghoris Lose Their Ears

  1. I assume the earlobe is very tough and almost impossible to chew up completely. I wonder if you cooked it first? Or is it customary in autocannibalism to eat the flesh raw? I’ve always said if I have a child I will keep and eat the placenta. Which I’ve heard is quite palatable.

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