Keloids Transforming Into A Skull

My friend Tony Snow (of Voodoo Tattoo in Paradise, Nevada), who I first at a taco shop while passing through Nevada about a decade ago, did the scar-half of this superb tattoo/scar combo piece. A lot of the time when tattoo/scar combos are done, the scar can stand on its own, but at some later point the tattooing is added to breathe more life into it. In the case of this piece though, the two artforms dance beautifully, with each half desperately needing the other half. The scars that Tony did keloided beautifully, raising up like flames of tissue hinting at some subcutaneous inferno, hinting at the demonic skull that the tattooing then draws into focus.

One thought on “Keloids Transforming Into A Skull

  1. This is awesomely creative. Very fine combination of scars and ink blended into one image. Love it.

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