I have been dying to show you Howie’s latest masterpiece for weeks, but he’s insisted that because of the much higher risk and complexity with multi-color eyes that he didn’t want me posting it until he was sure that they were a complete success. They are of course on Pauly Unstoppable, who was the very first person to have an eye tattoo done (although with a different procedure) by Howie just over five years ago at my house in Toronto when he, Josh, and I became Howie’s first clients and opened Pandora’s Box.

Now, it can be hard to listen when your mind is blown — and if you’re anything like me, this makes you want to shove the next few colored objects you can find into your eye sockets — but Howie emphasizes that is the quickest, easiest, riskiest way to get yourself blinded. He has been developing this procedure slowly and carefully for five years. Because no one listens to urgings not to “try this at home”, Howie is in the process of putting together a seminar/information lesson on eyeball tattooing to (in his words) “minimize the worldwide story of blindness due to eyeball tattooing”.

I would very strongly encourage all artists considering doing this procedure (or currently doing this procedure) to get in touch via with Howie and get every bit of education they can before putting clients and risk. It’s irresponsible in my opinion to do otherwise. I know it’s exciting and I know you want to jump right into the deep end with your clients, but given how choppy the water is and what the consequences of drowning are, it’s negligent not to get the very best swimming lessons available. And of course clients wanting eye tattoos and other procedures can also contact Howie at that same URL.

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12 thoughts on “COSMIC EYES FTW

  1. I thought there *had* been reports of serious (negative) side effects from eyeball tattooing? I’ve heard from some pretty reliable sources that it had a very noticeable impact on the vision of at least one person who has had it done. (not total blindness, but a major decrease in quality of sight) Is this not the case?

  2. The est eyetattoo !!!!
    Two pretty color ^^
    That’s niiice, and better than black only

  3. Has there already been some documented cases of blindness or serious injury caused by eyeball tattooing? I’ve seen lots of successful results, but so far none of the sad stories..

  4. Although I find this sclera tattoo impressive, what’s up with the tattoos on the rest of that site. I guess they’re supposed to look like that, but damn…

  5. CJ – I have never managed to confirm this other than third-hand. If it’s true, the people are not willing to come forward, which would be a shame. I’ve heard the rumors too, and I’ve done everything I can to track them down, but every one I’ve managed to get a name attached to has turned out to be false.

    The ONLY side effects from the procedure that I can confirm are long term pain in some people, which can sometimes manifest as light sensitivity. The other is that over-injection can give a person an unappealing “lumpy” eye and/or leakage of ink that stains the surrounding tissue.

    I’ve decided to start putting together a comprehensive FAQ on eyeball tattooing.

    Erik – I keep hearing the claim that one person lost an eye, but I believe it is false. If I manage to confirm anything, I will post it prominently.

  6. I’m so out of the loop on what Pauly Unstoppable has been up to since he had his ears reconstructed. No center labret? No nostrils? Wha?

  7. skutler – They’re just out in the photo, he still has them last time I saw. In the photo I cropped down you can see the big open holes, it’s just not obvious in the straight-on view.

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