Implants to match forehead tattoos

Earlier this month Matias Tafel (of Rata Body Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina — posted a set of custom implants that he hand carved for his friend Gaby Peralta — you can see one of the matching set inset in the photo below. Well, they’ve since been installed and doing well, and in this picture are two weeks old. As you can see, the implant was carved to match the blackwork swooshes on her forehead, although it won’t be clear exactly how well the two work together until more time has passed and the implant has more definition. I think on an aesthetic level too this photo might be misleading, as the implant probably looks very different with her hair down, since it changes the flow when the implant ridge apparently flows back onto the head under the hair (even though it doesn’t), versus just being a triangle. I’m sure this will look great in six months to a year when it’s fully settled in. Zoom in for a closer look.

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