Modern Day Warrior

OK, I’ll admit, I’m not very clever when it comes to titles but this facial scarification on  mutant-X-tatique is definitely interesting.  I like the way it flows with the structure of his face.

He also submitted several photos to the Ritual section; be sure to check those out!

7 thoughts on “Modern Day Warrior

  1. Looks Good cannot wait for it to heal!

    Also on a side note, I am pleased to see more mod blog posts!

  2. I agree with you: it does flow with his face. And yeah titles might not be your thing, I almost skipped this based on the title, but, that’s also my issue as I saw the title, saw the picture, and in my mind said, this is not a warrior. But I don’t know this guy, maybe he is. Why does my mind say he not a warrior, well cause in my mind you can’t have piercings and be a warrior(cause in my mind that is equivalent to a ‘fighter’)…=bad news. Though I’m well aware outsiders can perceive piercings as ‘scary’ or ‘frightening’, but in reality in a physical ‘fight’ it’d be a hinderance, unless you never, ever get hit. And even Batman gets hit occasionally. lol.

  3. Not Robin – I don’t know him, it was just a title based on the scar work and the overall feel of the photo however I disagree with your assumption that a person with piercings can’t be a warrior. Being a warrior can mean a lot more than getting into bar brawls. I’m not an anthropology major but I believe there are many tribal warriors who donned piercings as well as tattoos and/or scarifications. Also I can think of a couple of professional wrestlers who wrestle with piercings in and yes it may be scripted matches but they’re still physically engaging with another person. I don’t watch boxing or MMA so I don’t know if any of them have piercings.

    As far as titles go, half the time I’m ripping song lyrics. Truly, titles are NOT my thing.

  4. @Jen yeah ok a person with piercings can be a warrior. It does seems it could be a hinderance. I don’t watch wrestling, so I’ll take your word for it, and it doesn’t surprise me. I think it would hurt a lot more to be hit in the face if you have a piercing. I do watch mma, but haven’t seen many fighters with piercings, one or two that I can think of but they took them out for fights, surely that was a rule though, idk if many would keep them in if allowed.? doesn’t matter, I get your point. Sorry to pick on your title, but you kinda set yourself up for that one right? lol. I rip off songs half the time too; it seems they are better at expressing myself than I am. lol. 🙂

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