Happy New Year ModBloggers

Happy New Year to all of you out there from BME.  Have fun and stay safe!

This photo was sent to us by klitoris, who says, “Shiot hurts bad but I’ve been dreaming about stretching my nostrils for over 6 years. now i finally got ‘em punched.”  The work was done by Lassi Frrrkshow of The Duck’s Tattoo in Helsinki.


Visit the Big Nostrils Gallery on BME.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year ModBloggers

  1. Congrats Klitoris – looks fuckin great – the pain will be worth it.Having my nostrils stretched together with the septum so I can pass a spike straight through.

  2. You either splashed some blood in each of your eyes, you went swimming in one nasty-ass pool, or you smoked a TON of bud before taking that pic.

    Looks tasty ^_^ I’d like to have my nostrils pierced like that, but I wouldn’t be able to hide them like all the rest of my mods :-/

  3. Got to say Klit there has always been my favourite customer, was surprised to get that beautiful hue of red in his eyes it was intense 🙂

  4. Just having my nose pierced with a 12g needle was intense for me. Hahaha We couldn’t locate an 18g. So we went with what we had. I will say, having the piercing reopened for the third time, hurt like hell because of the scar tissue. I won’t do it again. That pain is extremely intense. I don’t think the pain could be that intense anywhere else on the body. My nips were a walk in the park. I don’t care how tough someone is. Their eyes will naturally tear up. Kudos to you kid for going for it!

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